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Adolescent Health

Young People play an important role in  our state’s health and future. Hence programmes about the health of children and the young people affect not only their lives, but also the health of the community as a whole.  With the Millenium Development Goals being made a priority in 2000 ,it has become critical to continue to support integrated, comprehensive  health programs that holistically address  a child’s and  the adolescents’ health including the reproductive and sexual health. The MDGs regarding poverty, HIV and AIDS, gender equality, and maternal and child mortality rates  are in fact integrally linked to the reproductive health and well-being of its youth.

Our State has kept this in mind and planned the Adolescent Health Programme as an overarching Umbrella programme which covers all the health interventions for children and youth of our State

Rastriya Kishor Swasthya Karyakram (RKSK)

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