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Health Transport- (108) and (102)

Due to its geographical conditions and tough terrain, Himachal Pradesh, has high accident rate in the country. Many other precious lives are lost and people suffer disabilities due to lack of timely medical care including those for pregnant women, infants and persons in acute emergencies like  stroke, heart attack, poisoning, burn and snake bites.

In view of above, State is running an Emergency Response System through a PPP agreement with GVK- EMRI, an experienced entity running this service in the country.

A total of 184 ambulances are now on road including 12 backup ambulances.

Out of these, 32 Ambulances are dedicated for providing IFT (inter facility transfer), which exclusively cater to referred patients from one Hospital to another and are placed at strategically located hospitals.

The ambulances provide free transportation to persons requiring immediate medical care and all the pregnant women and sick children. 

This service can be availed through a Toll Free Number 108 and is available round the clock and free of cost to all persons.

The State has launched JSSK Dropback (102) ambulance service with a total fleet of 125 vehicles. The service was  flagged off by Hon'ble Chief Minister on 15th Nov.2014